The New Reality

Metaverse is a decentralised platform based on blockchain technology.
Metaverse is building a web of Smart Properties and establishing an open ecosystem
in which digital value can be circulated freely.

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Metaverse features

Digital Asset Registration Digital Asset Registration Digital assets are a new type of asset with ever growing importance. With only a few clicks you can own your assets onchain today!
Digital Identity Design Digital Identity Design Build your own digital identity on Metaverse where records last permanently.
Oracle Intermediary Oracle Intermediary Intermediary services(Oracles) are built upon a decentralised reputation system and act as a link between Metaverse and the real world.
Decentralized Exchange Decentralized Exchange Metaverse allows value to be exchanged freely and easily, paving the way for the Internet of Value.
Metaverse White Paper
Digital Identity White Paper


ETP is the name of the token used on Metaverse. It can be transferred and traded, and is used to pay for fees applied on Metaverse.


Zen Gold

Zen Gold creates crypto assets that are backed by physical gold and can be bought and transfered instantly anywhere in the world while having pertinent asset information securely stored onto an unalterable Metaverse Blockchain.

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Zen Dao

Zen Dao creates a digital representation of the real-world collectibles on Blockchain and establishes an unalterable digital provenance and ownership transfer channel.

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